12 Photos-12 Months 2017



A walk through the ruins of ” القصر التركي”. More details



The little things we enjoyed.



The variety  Tunisiana



Clé minute.






Happy Moments.



The light of knowledge.



The golden hour.



Olive sticks.



To not give up



Byblos Angle.



Beautiful lights of the old life.


The girl with the hat

In my previous blog, I talked about Salma the youngest model I’ve ever photographed.

Check it out here.




This is Lubna Rages, as you can see in these pictures, she’s giving a natural look, I always train my clients to give a natural look to the camera, as I stated the last time, this is one of the hard parts of photography. The reason being is that most people get very nervous and a lot of them have a perception that they should smile in front of the camera, and some of them get very stiff.


But unlike most people, Lubna instantly looked towards the camera in a very natural way, leading to a relatively smooth photo-session, or so i thought.

At this point I had already taken a few dozen photos, but the memory card decided to fail me. luckily I was able to salvage some of the photos and these two are the best of them.



This is Salma Buwdena The best young model I’ve ever photographed. I was taking some pictures in Al-Moneera school for first grade students, they were fourteen students I believe. As you know young students are very hard to take pictures of, they blink and  move a lot so you have to be patient, it took  me one hour just to take pictures for six of them, then Salma came, I told her  to just stand there and look at the camera then she gave me that look, some of my previous clients had difficulty giving me that look, but that look came very naturally to her. I took four pictures of her then i continued to photograph the other students.

The light of knowledge




My uncle again…

3:00pm At this time my uncle “Sabry” has his own tradition of reading the news paper writing down some notes and waiting for the “Asr” to go and pray at the mosque, I always liked the light at this time in his room simple and natural, While i was going to the bathroom i saw him sitting on his chair the perfect light and the reflection on his glasses I went to my room i took my camera and took a couple of pictures and this is one of them.





I was taking pictures in my cousin’s graduation party, with it being crowded, I was taking the photos there and there. Then I turned around and saw that woman, enjoying they party. I liked the way she was sitting on the red chair,and then I started taking pictures. This is the one that I loved the most, this was the one that expressed how everyone was enjoying the party

A walk through the ruins of ” القصر التركي “




The Ottoman Barracks in the city of Benghazi, Libya. It is a huge military building dates from its inception to the reign of Rashid Pasha II (1889-1893). The completion of the front part of it was in 1895. The other two parts had been added it during the Italian occupation of Libya, the palace has more than 360 room. It is located in Al-Berka area of the city and adjoining the neighborhood of Al-Quiche corresponds fronted main battalion Fadil Bu Omar that is before the yard of AL- Quiche.



في مدينة بنغازي، ليبيا. هو مبنى عسكري ضخم يرجع تاريخ انشائه إلى فترة حكم رشيد باشا الثاني (1889-1893). وتم الانتهاء من الجزء الأمامي منه في 1895. تم إضافة جزئين جانبيين له في فترة الاحتلال الإيطالي لليبيا، وتتجاوز غرف القصر 360 غرفة. ويقع في منطقة البركة في المدينة ويجاور حي الكيش وتقابل واجهته الرئيسية كتيبة الفضيل بو عمر السابقة إضافة لساحة الكيش.